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Company VYRTYCH, a.s. continues on the tradition of company Dufek - Electrical plant started 30. 11. 1924 (see copy of the license deed). Owner of the company Josef Dufek was born 3. 3. 1892 as the son of a businessman from Semčice. He was trained as an electrical engineer at the company Josef Mulač, Electrical plant in Prague, where he worked until 1911. He also worked in the Administration of the town power plant in Chotěboř, for company Josef Pisa, Electrical plant in Vysoké Mýto, and till 1914 in the Electrical company dř. Kolben and spol. in Prague.

After the First World War he obtained the business license to operate the electrical trade, established in Březno. At this time, there was a big boom, especially in this field. At this time began electrification of villages and in this activity he has a significant stake in the whole wide area. He provided the constructions of secondary distribution nets, constructions of lightning conductors, electroinstallations, maintenance of electroservice and sale of electric motors (Českomoravská Kolben Daněk (ČKD)).

In 1931, the company Dufek made larger electrical installation in Mladá Boleslav. In November 1951,was company interrupted by decision of ONV (Regional National Committee) in Mlada Boleslav and part of the employees was transferred to employment cooperative to Dražice nad Jizerou.

After the revolution in 1990, continued Ing. Ladislav Vyrtych in the family tradition and established the company Ing. Ladislav Vyrtych - Electrotechnický závod, which manufactured mainly industrial lighting. Thus began gradually develop our company in Židněves and Březno near by Mladá Boleslav. The company gradually grew into one of the largest manufacturers of lighting technology on the Czech market and legal form - an individual - has become in such a large organization is already inadequate. In 2007, the company was transformed Ing. Ladislav Vyrtych - Electrical závod to company VYRTYCH, a.s.

After thirty years of modern history the company was sold in 2020.  Sentinel Capital a.s. company represented by Ing. Michal Kurka became a new sole shareholder. Actually our company  is a part of strong  capital group with long-term vision and with synergy possibilities.

Company profile

Company VYRTYCH a.s. operates on the market for period of twenty eight years and ranks with the principal Czech lighting producers. It is modern and dynamic company with Czech ownership.

The area of the company has about 60 000 m2, where there are situated 7 buildings with total area about 15 000 m2. There are administrative facilities, stocks and own producing facilities (plastic division, metal plant, lighting assembly lines and other workshops).

The company offers very wide producing range, which comply with most of requirements from the customers. Has own developmental and design department, complete producing technology and accredited testing laboratory, that's enable to satisfy the special requirements for production of atypical providing of luminaires.

The company is specializing on development and production of luminaires for special applications like lighting equipments for areas with danger of explosion, industrial lighting with high degrese of protection against of water and dust penetration (IP54 – IP68), lighting for extreme ambient temperatures and for areas with high risk of damage (antivandal). These products there are highlighted by top-level technical parameters, thats makes us them unique between others.

The company has got the certificates as followed:
IQNet according to ISO 9001:2008
CQS according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009
EZU according to ČEN EN ISO 9001:2009

For production of luminaires for areas with danger of explosion with type of protection according to certification our company has got the certificate FTZÚ 04 ATEX Q 016 from FTZÚ certify authority Ostrava-Radvanice.

28  years on the market
15 000 m2 of buildings
60 000 marea

Development of lighting

Development department is equipped with modern software in order to create new eficient designs of lighting models includes lighting engineering characteristics and abilities for parameters optimization just in stage of development. With production of prototypes by means of 3D printing we are able very fast to check the functionality and correctness of design. One of the big advantages is the possibility to use own accredited testing laboratory equipped with modern technology for development of new luminaires.

Technical support

Technical department provide operational and technical support for all departments of company. One of the main activities is arrangement of all technological and producing processes like CNC programs and producing documentation. Another important task is support for sales and technical consulting for customers. Well educated experts of technical support are fully qualified to answer on requirements about functionality and possibilities in frame of lighting projects.


Sales department in the first place is focused on requirements fulfilment from side of the customers, it means max. possible commercial and technical support with price quotations, lighting design and lighting calculations, trainings for designers and consulting service. Export activity rate of company VYRTYCH is about 50% from total turnovers. We distribute our products on more than 70 export markets. The company has got the certificate EAC approved the sales on Customs Union markets like Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. As regularly we participate on International Lighting Fairs like Light & Building in Frankfurt (Germany) and ELEKTRO Moscow (Russia).


Plastic division

Plastic division is equipped with injection technology from Engel, served by technology of mixing, drying or milling. All injection moulds are owned by our company, thats guarantee original design of all plastic parts. The moulds are served by qualified staff and high quality setters, thats means problem-free operation fullfiled the requirements of production in highest quality

Metal production

Metal production is equipped with various technologies as followed: cut out machines and folding brakes from company TRUMPF, shaping on automatic Centre bending machine from company RAS. We use the line for production of louvres from high polished aluminium sheets. The next work place in metal plant is fully automatic powder painting shop with integrated technologies for removal and surface sulfatization treatment. The part of painting shop is also rendering station for environmentally safe. Other technologies of metal plant there are hydraulic press, turning, grinding etc. Also available tool works for maintenance of all equipment and production of smaller tools.

Lighting assembly line

Lighting assembly line is completed by the line for gasket apply in foam material and line for cut of profile material. The final assembly process is very laboured as for skillfulness and professionalism of assembling stuff. Each product 100% tested by functionality, transitional resistence and electric current.

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